Rough Estimate of Production Run Pricing

Use the calculator on the right to get an idea on the price for printing cards, fobs, letters and envelops. Please note that the final price/thousand may change based on the overall size of the print run.

Printing Cost of Card plus One Fob (add $200 set up fee TT)
Price is based on quantity of Overall run.
For estimating, we use $170.17 per 1,000. As the size of the print run changes, the pricing adjusts as follows.

Total Quarterly Card Quantity 50,000-99,999 100,000-124,999 125,000-149,999 150,000-174,999 175,000-200,000 Over 200,000
Price per 1,000 (M) $236.74/M $190.80/M $170.17/M $164.45/M $157.30/M $148.40/M

ART Fee – for preparing the cards for printing
$175 Existing Co-op (repeat orders)
$215 New Co-op (initial set up)

ART Fee $175
Printing $ 0.10 each

Affixing Cards to Letters
Set Up Fee $50
Affixing $0.05 each

Inserting Letters into Envelopes
Set Up Fee $0 no extra set up if we affixing as well.
Inserting $ 0.03 each

ART Fee $95
Printing $ 0.15 each

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