Rough Estimate of Production Run Pricing

Use the calculator below to get an idea on the price for printing cards, fobs, letters and envelops. Please note that the final price/thousand may change based on the overall size of the print run.

Printing Cost of Card plus One Fob (add $200 set up fee TT)
Price is based on quantity of Overall run.
For estimating, we use $220.05 per 1,000. As the size of the print run changes, the pricing adjusts as follows.

Total Quarterly Card Quantity 25,000 25,001-35,000 35,001-45,000 45,001-55,000 55,001-65,000 65,001-75,000 75,001-85,000 85,001-95,000
Price per 1,000 (M) $283.50/M $238.95/M $229.50/M $220.05/M $207.90/M $195.75/M $183.60/M $175.50/M

ART Fee – for preparing the cards for printing
$175 Existing Co-op (repeat orders)
$215 New Co-op (initial set up)

ART Fee $175
Printing $ 0.10 each

Affixing Cards to Letters
Set Up Fee $50
Affixing $0.65 each

Inserting Letters into Envelopes
Set Up Fee $0 no extra set up if we affixing as well.
Inserting $ 0.03 each

ART Fee $95
Printing $ 0.15 each

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